Brightfield Featured on PBS Video Segment

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Brightfield Featured on PBS Video Segment

The Asheville PBS affiliate station, UNC-TV featured Brightfield in a video segment. 

Brightfield has been working in The Collider innovation center. This unique organization in Asheville is set up to offer “opportunities for ‘strategic collisions’ between business and science.” They offer expertise in climate change solutions through collaboration.  One of those collaborators is the Innovate NC Asheville project. They use the town’s wealth of weather data to inform growth & development in the climate services industry. So of course, they wanted Brightfield featured in their video production. 

All this makes for an ideal match, as you will see in the video…

We are excited to be part of the “inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem building around climate data” in Asheville. Watch for more Brightfield featured media spots as we continue to collaborate and grow. 


Brightfield Forges Public/Private Partnerships

Brightfield is proud to have forged public/private partnerships with Asheville City, Buncombe County and UNC Asheville that are resulting in publicly accessible Brightfield™ Charging Stations.  These partnerships are possible thanks to the hard work of staff and administrators within each organization who believe in Brightfield’s Solar Driven vision and championed the cause.
The result of these collaborative initiatives is the foundation of a region-wide EV charging network—a vital part of a future viable EV market.  Building off of years of work led by Land of Sky Regional Council and Advantage West, our community now has the public/private partnership templates that can be used to grow our EV capacity.  Brightfield is using these templates to engage other communities in the Asheville Metro Area to support a regional EV charging network, so EV drivers can leave home confident that their charging needs will be met.