Brightfield Featured on PBS Video Segment

Brightfield Featured on PBS Video Segment

The Asheville PBS affiliate station, UNC-TV featured Brightfield in a video segment. 

Brightfield has been working in The Collider innovation center. This unique organization in Asheville is set up to offer “opportunities for ‘strategic collisions’ between business and science.” They offer expertise in climate change solutions through collaboration.  One of those collaborators is the Innovate NC Asheville project. They use the town’s wealth of weather data to inform growth & development in the climate services industry. So of course, they wanted Brightfield featured in their video production. 

All this makes for an ideal match, as you will see in the video…

We are excited to be part of the “inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem building around climate data” in Asheville. Watch for more Brightfield featured media spots as we continue to collaborate and grow. 


Brightfield featured in Business North Carolina Magazine

Electric Avenue
Vehicle-charging stations remain scarce in North Carolina, but a surge may be nearing.

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When Randy Talley drives up the Blue Ridge Parkway, he sometimes wonders whether he’ll have enough charge to make it home at night. Talley owns a Nissan Leaf, a plug-in electric vehicle with a range of about 90 miles on a single charge. It’s a fun ride, and he loves zipping around town in it, especially since an electric vehicle charging station is 400 yards from his office door. But a trip to the mountains, where charging stations are scarce, involves some risk.

Brightfield® featured in Economic Development Video

Asheville, North Carolina, is an inspiring place to call home. Talented local business leaders and entrepreneurs across Buncombe County are creating and distributing innovative products that impact people throughout America and worldwide. Watch the video produced by the Asheville Buncombe Economic Development Coalition and featuring Brightfield:

Brightfield® Recognized as EV Market Development Community Champion

Brightfield  founder, Stan Cross, attended and presented at the final NC Plug-In Electric Vehicle Tackforce planning meeting in Charlotte, NC.  Cross has been working on the state-wide initiative for the past year, focusing on infrastructure deployment needs an opportunities. The end result of this effort, supported by the US Department of Energy and led by the NC Department of Commerce and Advanced Energy, will be a state-wide EV readiness master plan.

Brightfield® Greenlots DC Fast Charger Pricing Policies

Effective 3/19/15; Applies to all Brightfield/Greenlots DC Fast Chargers;BrightFieldTS_Brandmark_R Don’t have a Greenlots RFID card? Get one here. The Brightfield DCFC Public Rate is $12/hr. The rate is pro-rated by the minute. Our Signet units can put out up to 50 kW, tapering off after EV battery is 80% full.  Most EV’s (such as Nissan Leaf) will receive full charge in under 30 minutes = $6. Be sure to install the Greenlot’s App on your smart phone, so you can mange your account, scan QR codes if you do not have a RFID card, and monitor your charging. Are you a frequent Brightfield Charging Station customer? If so, you can request a charging discount.  Simply send an email with “Charge Discount Request” in the subject line. Please include your name, organization affiliation (if relevant), phone number, email address, and Greenlots user name (se we can activate discount).  All information will be kept 100% private. Charge at Brightfield Charging Stations and your driving on sunshine!  It feels good to be Solar Driven®. Solar Driven
BTS chargers are on the Nationwide Chargepoint Network

Brightfield® ChargePoint Level 2 Pricing Policy

Effective 5/9/14; Applies to all Brightfield ChargePoint Level 2 Chargers;BrightFieldTS_Brandmark_03 Don’t have a Chargepoint card? Get one here. The Brightfield Public Rate has been lowered from $1.50 to $1.25/hour for the 1st 4-hours in order to support EV market development. The rate raises to $2/hour for hours 5 and beyond.  Rates are measured by the minute as long as the plug is connected to the EV. Additionally, there is a $0.25 fee for accessing the charger per charge event. Be sure to install the ChargePoint App on your smartphone, so the charger can notify you when your EV is at full charge. Are you a frequent user of Brightfield’s?  1)      If you would like to request a discount at Brightfield locations, request through “Connections” button within your Chargepoint driver profile here. BTS is now publicly listed under “Connections”. 2)      You may be granted a discounted rate once we receive the request from you. 3)      Please be sure to include all requested information (name, organization, position, cell and email). Requests without full contact information will not be approved. Charge at Brightfield Charging Stations and your driving on sunshine!  It feels good to be Solar Driven®. BTS Plug In

Brightfield® to Deploy 11 DC Fast Charging Stations Across North Carolina

Building off of Brightfield® Transportation Solutions’ Phase 1 success brokering public/private partnerships and deploying publicly accessible grid-tied solar EV charging stations, Brightfield Transportation Solutions (BTS) is launching a multi-stage regional EV infrastructure roll-out we call the Solar Driven® Experience.  SDE DCFC Map Phase 2: BTS is partnering with the North Carolina Plug-in Electric Vehicle Task Force, NC Clean Energy Technology Center, Advanced Energy, NC Department of Transportation, NovaCharge and Nissan North America to make North Carolina one of the nation’s most innovative and vibrant EV markets.  BTS will install 11 DC Fast Chargers—technology able to charge an EV in under 20 minutes—at strategic downtown locations in cities across the state. This will mark one the largest DC Fast Charger roll-outs happening nationally and position the emerging North Carolina EV market for accelerated growth.  In 2013, nationwide EV sales increased 241% adding another 47,600 vehicles to America’s roads. Data shows that EV sales are strongest in states where EV infrastructure has been deployed.  By bringing DC Fast Charger technology to key North Carolina markets, Brightfield is driving market growth, which in turn will increase demand for Brightfield Charging Stations.  Brightfield will charge consumers to plug into our stations to garner revenue while providing a necessary charging service to EV consumers at approximately $2.20 per gallon gasoline equivalent.   Copy of T3_Downtown_5KW_1Phase 3: BTS will partner with investors to deploy our patented solar-integrated Brightfield Charging Stations around and above the DC Fast Chargers.  In addition to the DC Fast Charger units, these Brightfield Charging Stations will be equipped with networked Level 2 chargers and 30 kW of solar panels producing enough solar fuel to provide North Carolinians with 180,000 fossil fuel free EV miles annually. In addition to generating solar fuel, Brightfield canopies protect equipment and consumers from the elements, and create an iconic and innovative charging station.  Brightfields are grid-tied, so solar power is generated and put on the grid whenever the sun is shining and electricity is dispensed from the grid to vehicles rain or shine, day or night. Brightfields provide consumers, businesses, and communities with the environmental, social and economic benefits of driving on sunshine. These Brightfield Charging Stations will be deployed at high utilization downtown commercial locations in the greater Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston and Asheville Metro Areas to accelerate state-wide EV adoption and take our innovative zero-emission Solar Driven Experience to scale. This Brightfield DC Fast Charge roll-out will support EV sales while bolstering consumer confidence and excitement by deploying the charging infrastructure needed to ensure a safe, secure, zero-emission driving experience. UNC T2 5K