About Brightfield Transportation Solutions

About Brightfield Transportation Solutions

Our Story

Brightfield Transportation Solutions Began With A Strong Sustainability Commitment

The story of Brightfiled Transportation Solutions

In 2009, Brightfield® Transportation Solutions (BTS) began as a conversation among entrepreneurs longing for more environmentally-sound and socially-responsible transportation. Those early conversations evolved into our initial business plan. We based our plan on four key realizations:

  • Climate Change Solution: The American automobile fleet will transition from oil to electricity to reduce carbon emissions from our transportation. 
  • Solar Driven® Capability is Here Now: The technology and know-how are available to fuel electric vehicles effectively and reliably with solar energy.
  • Public Interest in Clean Energy: There is a desire for transportation innovation utilizing Electric Vehicle (EV) technology powered by clean, renewable energy. 
  • Opportunity For More Clean Energy Jobs: By joining the renewable energy and alternative transportation sectors, Brightfield can create meaningful jobs for a sustainable future.

Extensive Research Supported Our Innovative Direction   

Because there was so little information on EV infrastructure in 2009, we concentrated on the science, economics, and implications of electric vehicles. We reviewed every EV study, EV infrastructure component, solar photovoltaic product, existing and developing vehicles, and every market forecast and regional EV infrastructure development plan we could get our hands on. The more we researched, the more we were convinced we were riding the wave of innovation on the rising seas of possibility.

Our Startup Was Funded By Grants

Like every great business idea before us, there came the need for capitalization. Our initial need was met by a grant from the NC Department of Commerce’s Green Business Fund that administered U.S. Department of Energy American Recovery and Reinvestment Act money aimed at growing the nation’s renewable energy sector. The grant enabled us to achieve our primary start-up objectives to:

  • Take our Concept to Market to locally design and manufacture solar integrated Brightfield® Charging Stations   
  • Build Strong Public/Private Partnerships with city, county and state government to install Brightfields® on publicly-accessible municipal and state-owned property  
  • Create Collaborative Relationships With Stakeholders to support EV advocacy, infrastructure deployment, market development and funding

Brightfield Charging Stations are Sustainable Solutions

Because Brightfields are grid-tied, solar fuel is generated and put on the grid whenever the sun is shining. Electricity is then dispensed from the grid to vehicles – rain or shine, day or night. Brightfield Transportation Solutions provides consumers with the environmental, economic and social benefits of Driving on Sunshine. Brightfields also provide businesses with the opportunity to attract a broader customer base through a “greener” image, while at the same time benefiting the environment and the communities in which they operate.

Brightfield Has Attracted Major Supporters

The initial result of our efforts was the deployment of the first four Brightfield® Charging Stations that generate solar power and provide durable and protected EV charging. BTS leveraged that success and entered into a partnership with Nissan North America, NRG Energy’s EVgo division and the Clean Fuel Advanced Technology Fund. This partnership resulted in the deployment of 18 DC Fast Chargers our-story-mapacross North Carolina and eastern Tennessee. The technology is able to completely charge any EV model in under 30 minutes. Chargers were placed at high-utilization, municipal and private sites. Convenience stores and shopping centers offer drivers good highway access coupled with a retail experience. 

Brightfield Transportation Solutions continues to garner support from industry partners, investors, and grantors with the goal of leapfrogging fossil fuel to Driving on Sunshine.

We Are Proud of Our Successes to Date

BTS has remained committed to manufacturing Brightfield Charging Stations in North Carolina with American-made steel and solar components. Our focus on creating a solution to reduce resource consumption has resulted in many successes:

  • BTS has worked with clients in NC, TN, MD, FL, MA, and CT to deploy over $2.5 million of charging infrastructure.
  • BTS has raised over $1M in capital to support our growth.
  • From 2014-15, BTS partnered with Nissan, EVgo, Greenlots and the North Carolina Clean Fuel Advanced Technology fund to deploy the first network of fast chargers across NC and TN.
  • In 2012, BTS deployed the nations first three solar integrated, publically available EV charging station in partnership with the City of Asheville, Buncombe County, and the University of NC at Asheville. We continue to operate these stations today.
  • BTS is a founding member of the Plug-In NC steering committee and the Clean Cities Clean Vehicle Coalition.
  • BTS has been recognized as an outstanding community partner by US D.O.E. Clean Cities, Plug-In NC, and the NC Sustainable Energy Association.