Explore our innovative Solar Driven® Brightfield® Charging Stations

Explore our innovative Solar Driven® Brightfield® Charging Stations

Driving on Sunshine

Brightfield® Charging Stations Deliver Value

Valuable Features of a Brightfield TS Solar Energy EV Charging Station


Brightfield® Charging Stations are built from U.S. steel and solar components with the best-in-class EV chargers of your choice and optional battery storage. We leverage our partnerships with our knowledge and experience in order to provide you with turn-key, integrated charging solutions.

Future Proof

Brightfield® Charging Stations are designed and manufactured to stand the test of time – to produce both solar power and reliable EV charging for the long haul.


Brightfield® Charging Stations integrate grid-tied, solar-power production with EV charging stations.  When the sun shines, our stations generate solar energy ensuring our EV chargers deliver power from the grid for 24/7 reliability. The solar canopy provides shelter for your charging equipment and also protects drivers from the elements.


Brightfield® Charging Stations are engineered to provide scalable, charging infrastructure ranging from our patented Charging Bollard to our solar-integrated stations. All of our charging stations are designed to meet client’s needs today and to prepare them for increased demand as the market grows.