Brightfield® ChargePoint Level 2 Pricing Policy

BTS chargers are on the Nationwide Chargepoint Network

Brightfield® ChargePoint Level 2 Pricing Policy

Effective 5/9/14; Applies to all Brightfield ChargePoint Level 2 Chargers;BrightFieldTS_Brandmark_03 Don’t have a Chargepoint card? Get one here. The Brightfield Public Rate has been lowered from $1.50 to $1.25/hour for the 1st 4-hours in order to support EV market development. The rate raises to $2/hour for hours 5 and beyond.  Rates are measured by the minute as long as the plug is connected to the EV. Additionally, there is a $0.25 fee for accessing the charger per charge event. Be sure to install the ChargePoint App on your smartphone, so the charger can notify you when your EV is at full charge. Are you a frequent user of Brightfield’s?  1)      If you would like to request a discount at Brightfield locations, request through “Connections” button within your Chargepoint driver profile here. BTS is now publicly listed under “Connections”. 2)      You may be granted a discounted rate once we receive the request from you. 3)      Please be sure to include all requested information (name, organization, position, cell and email). Requests without full contact information will not be approved. Charge at Brightfield Charging Stations and your driving on sunshine!  It feels good to be Solar Driven®. BTS Plug In

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